These black pants are wonderful i must say. Thank you Jesus!!!


My twins like human touch but anytime we put them on your Mama and me pregnancy/nursing pillows...they stay there happily...i think the texture of the pillow makes them believe they are in human hands :-)

Mrs. Nneka

The bump concealer top is AMAZING! Thank You for 'hooking' me up!

Mrs. Chichi

I was really thrilled at the kind of treatment i got without visiting your boutique(I shopped on-line), as well as happy with my purchases, so this is to encourage you that what you are doing is very good.Please keep it up. I think more awareness is what you need right now, more displays of new, lovely, unique and affordable stocks. Let the world know what you are doing, please don't keep it to yourselves because you would be doing a lot of good (and business than you think) to every one around you. Hope to visit at a convenient time.Thank you so much

Mrs. Adebote

Strictly Babes is much more than a boutique; its a beautiful experience... from the warm customer service, to the free pregnancy tips and practical style advice...I think every lady should visit or call strictly babes at least once (pregnant or not). It's one part of your pregnancy journey you're not likely to forget.

Mr Boyede

I wasn't even pregnant and I left with two beautiful purchases; enough said!

Mrs Olamide

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